Sewing Project – Iraq

Aradin Charitable Trust is delighted to announce the launch of a sewing project, our first outreach project, in the village of Aradin (North of Iraq) on Sunday 17th August. Families have fled there in 2003 and more recently from the areas around Mosel, which have been overrun by ISIS. In order to sustain the village it is essential to establish sources of income for the women, who are the mainstay of the families there. The Trust has identified a suitable house with kitchen and other facilities large enough to accommodate 20 workers with sewing machines working in two shifts. The initial funding is for the £150 per month rental of this house and a guarantee of £100 a month salary for 10 women for 6 months. The Trust is now looking for sponsors for the first 10 women and for others as and when the project is expanded. Timing is critical. Some funding has already been raised and 10 sewing machines have already been bought. It is hoped that each woman could be sponsored by an individual donor or a group (of 4 people each prepared to guarantee £25 per month for 6 months, for example). The leader of the group would then give the trust the necessary £100 at the end of each month.

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